Sunday, April 7, 2013


Planet Comic Con was this weekend. Violet and I headed down to visit Chris and  say hi to some of our friends that had booths.
I made Violet go to the kids costume contest.  She had fun seeing what all the kids came dressed as. I was very proud of her when she didn't cry and said her name, who she was and what her character was from, in front of about 200 people. That is a huge accomplishment for her.
HawkGirl moderated the kids contest.
Then we went and visited Chris at his booth.
The convention was crazy busy. It was like mini San Diego. Hard to maneuver and at times not enjoyable. But the couple of hours we spent were fun, but I was happy to go.
Met Supergirl.
Got her face painted and headed back to Chris' booth. Here she is taking a stab at sketches. ;)
Here are some random pics of the floor.
Walking Deads Tony Moore.
Star Treks George Takei.
A very cool Iron Man costume.
Nicholas Brendon of Buffy.
Wil Wheaton of Star Trek Next Gen and Big Bang Theory.
Backs of Stormtroopers.

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