Friday, August 9, 2013


Lots of saying good-byes and hugs this morning.
I don't think she fully comprehends not seeing most of her friends on a daily basis. So many of her classmates have been together since they were in the infant room. It's been fun seeing how everyone has grown up and changed.
But we will be back in early spring with baby boy and get to see everyone again and do this all over again.
She's in her PJ's because today they are having a pajama party and get breakfast food for lunch. Always a fun day for the kids.
Five years of fun coming to an end. Time to start a new adventure.
Who is that baby? 

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alissa apel said...

It is sad! Isaak had a summer preschool program (1 day a week). He just said, "Goodbye" this week. I told him that on one of his breaks the boys could go say, "Hi" to their preschool teachers. Mica had them for 3 years. He did preschool when he was 3, 4 and 5. Isaak had them for 2.