Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This week has a bit of a crazy schedule. With no daycare monday and tuesday we've had to be creative.Yesterday Violet came to work with us. Both of us figured we'd get nothing accomplished at work but we actually managed to get a fair amount of work done. She was great.
We started the morning off with bringing in breakfast and eating at the big table outside my booth. This is the view I have from my chair as I turn around.
Then Violet watched a movie on the ipad and played in Chris' booth. Which by the way is just to the left of the big table. Yeah, that's how close we sit to each other at work now. I could literally throw things at him from my chair if I wanted to.
By the way, interesting group of characters playing together.
She decided she wanted to make some Christmas cards.
Then we headed over to Crown Center for lunch.
Then it was back to my booth to play with some of my batman/superman toys.With the amount of toys and fun things in mine and Chris' booth she almost didn't need to bring her own toys to play with.
Apparently all day at work wore her out. We then left work to head to meet your teacher night. We had to wake her up before getting to the school.
Again Violet was glued to my hand as we entered the classroom and talked to her new teacher. And when she spoke you could barely hear her.
She is however, very happy that there are bunnies in the classroom.

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alissa apel said...

It looks like she's a perfect work buddy. Our boys have been to work with Travis. His boss is laid back. Not mine! He's anti kids being in the office. :(