Tuesday, April 1, 2014


We've been talking about April 1st as April Fools day and how you play pranks on people. I packed Violet's lunch with plastic food. She uses those bento boxes for lunch. It has two compartments, top and bottom. The bottom contains her real lunch. I wish I could see her expression when she opens her lunch today.
This morning I gave her cereal for breakfast. Not uncommon. Except I froze it over night.
I discovered Violet does not like being tricked at 6:00am. She had a fit when I started taking pictures. Full on crying.
I stuffed her shoes at the toes with toilet paper. She didn't like that either. Threw the toilet paper at us.


Grandma F said...

I hope she thinks to open the bottom of the lunch container. They can play jokes on you, but don't you play jokes on them.

alissa apel said...

What did she end up thinking about her lunch?